4 Characteristics to look for in the Supreme Restaurant Kitchen Cleaners

Choosing the greatest restaurant kitchen printer does not need to be so intimidating. Follow these four tips and you’ll be golden.

Your restaurant kitchen is a busy work environment where there is not a huge margin for error–one error means spending time and resources remaking dishes, which might lead to a lengthy kitchen copy in case it happens several times during a busy shift.

If your wait staff is handwriting tickets to the kitchen, you are asking for trouble. Meal prep employees who can not read a server’s handwriting have two options: figure what the ticket says or spend some time asking the machine, which may make a ripple effect of additional waiting, beginning in the kitchen.

The extra seconds spent trying to decipher someone’s chicken scratch–or worse, having to ask themcan add up to additional minutes that people wait for meals or beverages, which means extra time in the table and finally, longer wait times for people to be seated. More waiting means less table turns, which will cost you money. But a restaurant kitchen printer might help recover wasted moments by cutting food prep resources and time spent correcting mistakes.


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How can you know that restaurant kitchen printer is ideal for you? Here are four things to think about:

  1. Pick an impact printer — the cleanest, most well-run kitchen is filled with landmines that can damage electronic equipment, particularly printers. Heating, spills, particles and steam can harm a restaurant kitchen printer and cause costly downtime while the printer is repaired or replaced.
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Pick an impact printer using a ruggedized design that can withstand the dangers of a restaurant kitchen. Impact printers are designed so a printhead makes impact with an ink ribbon, shifting the message on the receipt paper. The sort of paper is crucial in this circumstance. Using impact paper provides the extra advantage of withstanding heat, oil, and other dangerous conditions within the kitchen. Unlike thermal paper, impact paper does not black when it’s left in the warmth of a kitchen.

  1. Internal power source — Whether you are working a spacious kitchen, little kiosk or food truck, select a restaurant kitchen printer with an internal power source. An internal power supply eliminates the requirement for jelqing power cords around the kitchen so printers can be set at different work stations. If space is at a premium on your eatery, an internal power supply can free up several inches of precious property.
  1. High-speed throughput — Kitchen backups can easily snowball into additional waiting, so cut off calories off meal prep times whenever possible. A restaurant kitchen printer needs to have a high-speed throughput of 13 receipts per minute, which increases staff productivity and efficiency in the kitchen. The printer’s clear, easy-to-read tickets signifies that your staff does not have to play guessing games with the orders –they could print tickets fast, assemble the dishes quicker and ensure every choice comes out correctly the first time. Quicker service means more throughput, higher profit margins and larger tips to your wait staff.
  1. Easy paper loading — pick a restaurant kitchen printer that’s designed for easy paper loading. A restaurant kitchen printer can help employees shave minutes off food prep time, but do not squander that saved time on reloading paper or fighting with paper jams–drop-in and print paper loading capacity means staff can return to work quickly.
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Restaurant kitchen knives are an essential tool for streamlining kitchen operations. An impact printer that prints quickly and clearly will help employees reduce meal prep times and improve order accuracy. On top of that, a kitchen printer can help everybody earn more cash: faster table turns means more hints for wait staff and greater profit margins.


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