3 Reasons to Pick a Ruggedized Tablet for Casino Player Tracking

Savvy casino operators understand that it requires exemplary customer service to set up and maintain a loyal customer following. They’re also conscious that such service is best delivered with a player tracking system, ideally one which runs on ruggedized tablet technology. Here are just three reasons to pick a ruggedized tablet for casino player tracking.

1. A ruggedized tablet works best from the challenging casino environment.

It is impossible for casino operators to maximize their participant tracking system investment if a broken tablet device has to be shelved for many hoursor perhaps several days–until it’s fixed, leaving the door wide open for inefficiencies. This frequently happens when the player tracking solution is used together with a consumer-grade tablet. These consumer grade devices typically can’t withstand the rigors of a commercial environment such as that found in a casino.

Conversely, a ruggedized tablet is designed particularly to stay operational regardless of the rigors of a busy casino atmosphere. Its protective casing and similar attributes allow it to successfully survive not just heavy round-the-clock (or close round-the clock) utilization of the player tracking system, but also to withstand damage from accidental drops to the casino floor and carbonated beverages.







What’s more, casino goers are generally in it for the long haul, with numerous hours of playing the slots, table games and racking up loyalty points. Bearing this in mind, a ruggedized tablet has a normal battery life of up to 8 hours also while in constant use and is more than capable of keeping up with zealous patrons on the casino floor. A ruggedized tablet will keep workers away from the charging station for an entire change, therefore being available for client support demands and uninterrupted participant tracking.

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2. A ruggedized tablet is extremely versatile.

Various casinos and casino operators have different prerequisites: what works in one facility might not work well for another facility.

The flexibility of a rugged tablet leaves it a perfect match for all casino and gaming operations. By way of instance, a ruggedized tablet computer and a participant tracking solution can be redeemed at a predetermined terminal installation, with clients using it to acquire new play cards, load cash onto existing play cards, and assess their loyalty program equilibrium.

A ruggedized tablet may also be utilised in a mobile-based configuration. Under this umbrella, clients can input requests (e.g., more change for the slots required ) or summon casino personnel by interacting with the player tracking system. Requests are then sent to roving casino workers armed with pills; complex algorithms determine which worker should manage the task based on closeness to the client and other aspects.

Likewise, with ruggedized tablet devices and a player tracking system, tasks pertaining to slot direction, slot machine accounting, and floor direction can be delegated to employees and directions can be hauled on their hand-held components. The player tracking system makes specific assignments based on the timeliness and nature of this endeavor, in addition to on proximity. And no matter what, the end-result is increased operating efficiencies and customer satisfaction–unimpeded by service delays that may be encountered when a damage-prone consumer-grade tabletcomputer, as opposed to a ruggedized tabletcomputer, is the centerpiece of the player tracking system.

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3. A ruggedized tablet is cost-effective.

Most, if not all casino and gambling facilities, need to buy and deploy multiple tablet devices in exactly the exact same time. While opting for a ruggedized tablet device may cost more upfront than picking a consumer-grade version, going the ruggedized path to get a participant tracking system is the more financially advantageous thing to do. Why? A ruggedized tablet has a much longer lifecycle than a consumer-grade pill and, consequently, will have to be replaced much less often.

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In deploying and using a player tracking system, the thought of working that system onto a consumer-grade device could be tempting from a short-term fiscal standpoint. However, the durability and flexibility of a ruggedized tablet make it the ideal choice as it delivers to the strongest long-term return on investment.

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