11 Must-Try Marketing Ideas for Black Friday 2020

Black Friday shoppers spent 5.6bn in 2019, and spending is only likely to continue to grow for many years to come. This raises the question: Why is your shop maximising its profit potential in this holiday weekend?

Although a lot of shoppers are increasingly turning to online retailers, your company can still find record-breaking earnings with these Black Friday advertising ideas.

Black Friday 2020: marketing ideas

1. Provide free gift cards

Obtaining shoppers through your front door should be your primary focus going into Black Friday. Although good deals and enormous savings can help, your clients may need an additional nudge to see you.

Giving every visitor a free gift card is a very enticing deal. Now, we are not suggesting giving away huge quantities of cash. Instead, your gift card ought to be big enough to appeal to guests, but low enough to keep you profitable.

Gift cards work in a similar way to coupons and discounts, but they have more staying power in that they carry a money value. FirstData reports that 53 percent of customers are more inclined to see a store as they have a gift card. Therefore, even if a visitor doesn’t buy in your Black Friday event, they will have reason to come back and use their card.

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2. Give shoppers a sneak peek

Consumers want to know which sort of offers they will get during the Black Friday rush. People are searching for special deals on specific things, and they’ll be going to the shops that clearly exhibit what products are available.

Use all of your advertising channels to market your big-ticket things so shoppers can have a glimpse of what to expect. As you don’t need to be specific about every product, you want to demonstrate your unique selling points.

Better still, start your Black Friday deals earlier in the week to create more attention and word of mouth about your discounts.

3. Create hype with a well-timed email advertising campaign

How do you intend to spread the word? Sure, sending one email might help, but you need to build anticipation for your occasion.


Automated email campaigns are among the most underused Black Friday marketing ideas. Rather than sending one email, your shop sends multiple emails based on a program or user interaction.

By way of instance, two weeks before your sale, you can send a vague statement for shoppers to be on the watch for big savings. 1 week before the vacation, then you announce some of your bargains but let customers to keep a look out for a surprise present. Twenty-four hours before Black Friday, you may then declare that the first 100 guests will receive a #20 gift card.

By the time the previous email is sent, your customers will be eager to profit on the flash revenue and savings.

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4. Provide a vacation gift-giving guide

Lots of men and women use Black Friday as a time to get gifts for the holidays. You can make it easier for them by sending out a tiny gifting guide that breaks down which products will be ideal for some person. This approach is a type of suggestive selling that allows the shopper feel in control.

To begin, think about the typical family and friends members individuals have and then split out categories like”Best Gift for Dad” and”Best Gift for Grandma.” Next, take a look at your products and attempt to assign several best-sellers into a class. You don’t need to give clients too many choices because that can make them confused, so keep it simple. We propose a few high-priced items and a handful of smaller stocking stuffers each category.

Once you get your manual sorted, do not forget to send it as an email, make it a movie, or produce a printed handout.

5. Bundle and save

Much like handing out a manual, creating present bundles is the ideal way to get shoppers to buy more but save money in the procedure. During the Dark Friday rush, clients will be relieved to get a convenient product that has everything they want.

On top of that, bundles present shoppers to new products and can act as the first step on your remarketing campaign. If you include things like soap or razors, you may have a coupon for another purchase to catch repeat business.

There are two approaches you can take when creating gift packages:

  1. Group objects by purpose to make an all-in-one bundle: Consider pre-packaged bath sets which have shampoo, soap, a sponge, and a plush towel.
  2. Group items by receiver: Consider a”Dad kit” that includes a watch, wallet, sunglasses, and keychain.

6. Give a free gift at checkout

Many shops operate Black Friday marketing campaigns offering a free gift if a shopper spends a set sum. While this works, you need to stick out in the crowd, right?

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People like to listen to the term”free”, and they’ll probably not care what the present actually is. Just consider trade shows and conventions. Folks flock to stalls for free sunglasses and shirts solely because they are free.

Having said that, you need to give your clients something of value; just do not break the bank doing it. Keep the present low-cost relative to other goods on your shop. It’ll be a great surprise for shoppers without placing you in the negative if a person buys just 1 item to have the gift.






7. Give devotion members a special discount

Does your shop have a loyalty program? In that case, get these regular shoppers excited for Black Friday with a targeted supply just for them!

Using your customer relationship management tool, send emails, mail, or text messages to let your members know about your upcoming deals. Make certain to make it clear that just dedication members will get access to the deal — this shows the real value of the deal.

Why is it that past shoppers deserve a bigger discount? Research demonstrates that loyal customers are worth around 10 times greater than their original buy. Even more, it costs more to catch customers than to keep current ones. The discount you supply your loyalty members is a worthwhile investment for your shop.

If you would like to start a loyalty strategy, check out Loyalzoo.

8. Begin an Instagram giveaway

Online contests allow you to engage with your audience, put your brand in front of more faces, and discuss goodwill with others. Instagram is the best platform for hosting this giveaway due to its tagging attributes and image-heavy approach.

Here is how to conduct an Instagram giveaway:

  1. Pick the decoration: Will the winner get a free item? Gift card? A basket filled with goodies? Pick something valuable that individuals will want to win.
  2. Boost it with great vision: Take high-resolution pictures of your decoration and frame it in the best light possible.
  3. Establish the rules: ensure the rules are clear and comply with Instagram’s policies, in addition to those who may govern your business. We propose requiring users to label a few friends and discuss the post on their tales. Doing this will grow your competition and introduce your shop to new men and women.
  4. Select the winner: Using a tool like AppSorteos, select a random winner and discuss the results. You can also show the picking process in your narrative for extra transparency.
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9. Work with a charity

Black Friday kicks off the run-up into Christmas, a time traditionally spent with friends and loved ones. However, lots of people throughout the country aren’t lucky enough to share a warm meal with loved ones. Show your devotion to people over gain by partnering with a charity during the holiday season.

Not only is providing back great for your community, but it can enhance employee morale and discuss your company with new audiences. Shoppers will associate your shop with charity and will be happy to support a local shop that helps others.





10. Encourage social media stocks

Your shoppers love your shop, so why not make them discuss your great deals and steals?

In case you’ve got fitting rooms, set stickers close to the mirror that prompt customers to share outfits on social networking and tag your shop. As you examine the tagged posts, make certain to reshare a few in your own account to encourage more shoppers to discuss and get featured. Even if users do not label your account, the decal will have your shop’s name.

At checkout, you can ask shoppers to shoot photographs of the luggage and new products. You may even offer a discount in exchange for social posts, but make sure that you comply with regulations for promotions.

11. Expand your Black Friday sales all weekend

Some shoppers don’t wish to browse the insanity of Black Friday, or maybe their programs do not permit them to benefit from the deals. Rather than leaving those shoppers feeling left out, you can create your promotions more accessible by stretching them before Sunday. Granted, some Black Friday marketing ideas can only work on the official day, but maintaining your reductions going all weekend will help your small business get more sales.

Is your shop ready for Black Friday?

Black Friday will be on Friday, November 27th 2020, which means you have loads of time to execute these marketing ideas!

While you’re at it, consider long-term measures you can take to boost your retail sales. Is your shop completely optimized for the modern economy?

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